Peter Carey has been organizing and managing project and material information for design firms in New York for the past twenty years. His specialty is overhauling and managing design resource libraries. As a visual artist and regular contributor to officeinsight, the weekly corporate interior trade publication, Peter, along with his staff of resource librarians, is uniquely qualified to organize and keep current the large amount of product and project-specific information arriving at each design firm’s doorstep every day.

Trained as a photographer and painter, Peter is sensitive to both the aesthetics and the performance of any given material inside or outside the built environment. From his very first experience in architecture at Pei Cobb Freed in 1989, he has been translating ideas and design inspiration into material solutions for architects and interior designers. Trained on real-world best practices for designing and building in New York with such firms as Pei Partnership, Butler Rogers Baskett, Swanke Hayden Connell, M Moser Associates, Perkins Eastman, Beyer Blinder Belle and many more, Peter’s experience is second only to his encyclopedic memory.

As a passionate fan of listening to vinyl records and tracking down science fiction collectibles, Peter has a knack for remembering random facts and odd exceptions to rules, seemingly irrespective of subject matter. Taxonomy of the ever-evolving landscape of materials and furnishings for interior environments goes along with more private endeavors, like spending the last twenty years working on a monumentally detailed pen and ink drawing on mylar that is equal parts meditation and abstract personal journal.

More of his artwork can be seen at Peter Carey’s dedication to share the stories of each material in a design resource library comes from the simple idea that we all have a tale to tell and a reason of how and why we got here in the first place. Collaboration and empathy makes us stronger as individuals, however, the journey of design is better in the company of a seasoned traveller like Peter Carey.

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