Library Overhaul: We completely update and reprogram your library to your specific needs. Streamline consults on library layouts and specification of new library storage furniture. Whether the firm practices architecture, interiors, or a blend of both, Streamline will get your library organized and up to date quickly and effectively.

Library Maintenance: You set the schedule for how often you want a Streamline librarian in your office to maintain your library. We will coordinate and update both the physical library as well as a vendor contact database. In addition, the librarian will consult on projects and coordinate, announce and manage vendor and technical presentations, as well as any ongoing product displays.

Digital Library: Partnering with Designer Pages, Streamline can create a custom online library that can curate product collections, manage project palettes, reference vendor information and much more.

Vendor Contact Database: Using either Outlook or Designer Pages, Streamline will create and maintain a custom database of local vendors and consultants that are relevant to each firm

Vendor Tradeshows: Streamline curates a time saving way for the design staff to experience product updates and presentations from up to five separate and non-competing vendors at a time. Tradeshows are a great way for the staff to see a lot of new products at once, yet not be bogged down by products that are not relevant to their current workload.

Display Wall/Community Calendar: Streamline can create and curate an area in your library that highlights inspiring materials and finishes, as well as a calendar that details industry events and current project schedules. Samples and images can be idea starters and inspiration or a way to keep the staff updated on new project renderings or photographs.

Best Practices: Streamline can institute an operational structure for the library that could come in many forms; whether it is an orientation program for new hires, a written manual, or a mentoring program for new employees, the goal is to get the library to align with the needs of the design firm and their current work.

Ergonomics: Each library can be organized ergonomically to optimize the sections and materials that are referenced most often by the design staff. An intuitive signage system can be incorporated for the library to speak for itself when a librarian or intern is not present.

Project Material Consulting: Custom material selection, pricing, availability and performance info billable to your projects. Valuable for each phase from initial client presentation to finished project documentation

Archiving: Streamline can create or work within a system for archiving projects, as well as enabling a system for quick reference after being filed. This can be done digitally or with physical documents and samples.

Education: Coordination of AIA or IDCEC accredited vendor presentations and/or custom Streamline presentations on the topics of your choice.

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