Because we work with many companies, we collect many perspectives


Perkins Eastman Architects: One of New York’s largest design firms has been working with Streamline for five years. After a full renovation and complete reprogramming of the library in 2014, Streamline continues to manage and maintain their resource library, as well as coordinate informational presentations. With studios that practice everything from healthcare design to corporate interiors, master planning and hospitality design, Streamline provides expert service at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

FXFOWLE: With a reputation of one of the most sustainable design firms in the industry, Streamline is providing custom resource solutions for the unique needs of FXFOWLE. Teaming with Designer Pages, Streamline is effectively able to deliver unprecedented online research capabilities for LEED V4 compliance and third party certification. The library is due to be completely overhauled in 2015.

Beyer Blinder Belle: With a long-term goal in mind, Streamline worked closely with BBB to determine which relevant items to keep for their library before relocating their office to lower Manhattan in 2014. Streamline paired down the library to the bare essentials before the move, then updated and built up the library in the new location. Multiple vendor tradeshows are a big hit at this firm.

Environetics: This small but design-forward interiors firm engaged Streamline to overhaul and reprogram their library in 2013. The result was so positive and effective, we were asked to stay and consult with the design staff on current projects. Providing custom solutions with pinpoint accuracy, the firm also enjoys the array of new products presented at regularly scheduled vendor trade shows.

Handel Architects: After moving into their new office, Handel engaged Streamline to reprogram their library and incorporate new materials and current projects. The reprogramming was meant to align with the current layout of the library and incorporate an intuitive reference system that aligns with both architecture as well as interiors.

NYU Langone Medical Center: This busy facilities department for a large healthcare network in NYC has engaged Streamline for over four years. We have moved them and overhauled the library multiple times and adapted to the change in workflow as well as what is required of the design staff.

officeinsight: This online subscription newsletter that focuses on the A&D community has published articles by Peter for many years. By incorporating his expertise into informational articles on the business of design, covering NeoCon or just the latest local IIDA event, Peter and Streamline has shared their unique perspective on the industry to a national level. officeinsight leverages Peter’s knowledge and contacts within the industry to take the pulse of the design community and address issues affecting all levels of design.


Swanke Hayden Connell Architects: This 100+ year-old firm initially hired Streamline to reduce the footprint of their resource library. Observant of the firm’s historical working culture, the goal of restructuring the library was to maximize existing library storage while allowing for enhanced collaboration between the library and the environmental graphics division next door. In the process, the library was given new life while outdated and material that was not pertinent to the firm was taken away. The result was so successful, Streamline’s services were retained for weekly management and maintenance of a much more focused and smarter resource library.

M Moser Associates: This high-design international interiors firm worked with Streamline for four years. Relying on Streamline’s expert product sourcing and material consulting capabilities, the firm was able to keep the footprint of the library small while maximizing storage space. Known for their innovative and collaborative approach to design, M Moser Associates used Streamline to educate their staff on proven best practices and leverage the best of what the industry has to offer.

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