Haworth Collection Launches in New York

Now more than ever before in history, good design is global design. The plurality of cultures, generations and stylistic influences in modern workplaces has escalated and evolved in leaps and bounds since the office cubicle was first institutionalized across the corporate landscape. Responsible for furnishing many of those initial cubicles to offices throughout the world, Haworth recently launched a partnership in the North America with the Poltrona Frau Group; it is called the Haworth Collection. Boasting and assortment of furniture pieces made by Italian design giants Cappellini, Castelli, Cassina and Poltrona Frau, the Haworth Collection is the company’s much-needed brand extension into ancillary workspaces. What this collaboration ultimately does is inject high design and a real sense of specialness into areas that previously may have been programmed for functionality rather than style.

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