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30 years of M Moser Associates: A Conversation with Moira Moser

Thirty years ago, the world’s consciousness was just starting to get acquainted with terms like “Global Village” but we had not begun to live in one yet; technology was just beginning to show clues of its world-shrinking potential, and many global corporations were not yet aware of how to leverage interior design to optimize their business …read more

IIDA NY Leaders Breakfast 2011

Certain events make the local New York design community prove its dedication to design more than others, and the annual IIDA Leaders Breakfast is certainly one of them. This is not intended to be a disparaging remark; creating a path through our current economic climate is not an easy task, and dedication is required for one’s …read more

Art, Science and Interiors: A Convergence of Materials and Ideas

In every built environment, collaboration among various trades and philosophies is required not only to build the space, but also for the space to function as intended after construction. At its heart, collaboration is recursive, meaning one or more actions in the process invokes or refers to the collaborative process itself, while also requiring the participants …read more

Haworth Collection Launches in New York

Now more than ever before in history, good design is global design. The plurality of cultures, generations and stylistic influences in modern workplaces has escalated and evolved in leaps and bounds since the office cubicle was first institutionalized across the corporate landscape. Responsible for furnishing many of those initial cubicles to offices throughout the world, Haworth …read more